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Steven B. Levine
Wood Artisan
Boxes are shown in various hardwoods which may or may not be available at any given time.  Customer may select woods from currently available inventory.  
Solid Burl-top Jewelry Boxes with Straight Fronts: Three drawers (14 x 10 x 9)  $480
 Four drawers  (14 x 10 x 10)  $545
Solid Burl-top Jewelry Boxes with Slanted Fronts: Shown with one drawer (12 ½ x 11 x 4 ½), two drawers (12 ½ x 11 x 5 ½), and three drawers (14 x 14 x 8).    One drawer $385. Two drawers $430   Three drawers $565
Bordered Burl-top Jewelry Boxes with Hinged Lift Top: (13" wide x 8" deep x 3" high); with one drawer (13 x 8 x 5 ½ ); with two drawers (13 x 8 x 8 ½); divided interiors designed to hold jewelry.  
No drawer $275  One drawer $345  Two drawers $370
Not shown: Three drawers $395   Four drawers $425          PO Box 123, Dayton, NJ 08810         phone/fax (732) 297-0131
THESE BOXES HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED, BUT I STILL HAVE SOME IN MOST SIZES AND STYLES AVAILABLE.  Since everything I make is crafted one at a time, the items shown are representative of those currently available, which may vary in wood species and possibly slightly in size or design features.  Prices are subject to change.  Shipping is additional.  E-mail or call for more information and/or to place an order.