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Single Books with Titles: Boxes w/ hidden trays; laser-engraved with select popular titles. (about 6" x 8")
Price is influenced by wood species and size.  $99 and up.
 Connected Book Stacks:  Created to be displayed horizontally; each book opens in a surpising way.  
Two books (9" wide x 7" deep x 5" high)   $195
Three books ( 9 x 7 x 7)    $265
 Book End Sets:  Wooden books with metal feet intended to serve as expandable book ends; available in two or three-book combinations.
Three books (two open with hidden trays)  $235
Two books (both open with hidden trays)   $195

Pictured is the same 3-book set shown with and without several "real" books. 

Connected Book Combos for Jewelry Storage:  Three, four, or five-book jewelry boxes with faux suede-lined horizontal drawers, some with vertical neck chain components.  
Three books   $299
Four books     $425
Five books      $525
Steven B. Levine
Wood Artisan
Single Books without Titles:  Boxes with hidden trays; created to resemble realistic books; made from beautiful hardwoods; available in varied sizes and woods. (5" x 7" and larger).  Price is influenced by wood species, intricacy and design of spine, and size.  $85 and up. 
Mini books with interior compartments (4 x 6)   
are also available (not shown).  $59
Wall Shelves:  Created from two up to five wood books; some books function as drawers; easy to hang.  
Two books (9" wide x 7" deep x 4" deep)  $160
Three books (18 x 8 x 4.5) not shown    $225
Five books (24 x 8 x 9)   $320          PO Box 123, Dayton, NJ 08810         phone/fax (732) 297-0131
Since everything I make is crafted one at a time, the items shown are representative of those currently available, which may vary in wood species and possibly in size and design features.  
E-mail for additional information and/or to place an order.